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You have made the painful decision to file for divorce or you have been served divorce papers. What happens next? Anger, sadness, mistrust, fear of loss of control, and a general sense of being overwhelmed can lead to resistance in seeking legal representation and other advisory support. Although it can be costly, in situations where there are children and/or complicated assets, engaging an attorney early in the process can be helpful as you and your spouse attempt to work through the many decisions upon which you eventually have to agree. During the divorce process you may quickly have to allow your boundaries to be violated and oftentimes must share extremely personal and confidential information. Divorce coaches can support clients in getting organized and prepared to communicate effectively in their phone calls and meetings as they are vetting attorneys, accountants, financial advisors, and other divorce professionals. Engaging the right professionals for your divorce team who understand you as a client and whom you feel can support you in your journey is a necessary cornerstone of the foundation you will need to successfully navigate your divorce journey. Managing this step effectively is even more important if your divorce has the potential to be high-conflict and protracted.

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