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If you have previously contemplated filing for divorce or if you and your spouse have discussed the topic of divorce due to distress in your relationship, you may be dealing with the fear that embarking on a divorce journey can create. It can be one of the most intimidating legal and emotional journeys that one can experience in their lifetime. In addition, a divorce can also be very expensive and time consuming touching many other parts of your life including parenting your children and maintaining your professional life.

Getting clarity about your needs and goals as early as possible is crucial if you are considering filing for divorce or if your spouse has threatened to file for divorce. Often, just when you need to be your most organized and clear about your goals and priorities, you can at the same time, experience a swirl of negative and painful emotions that can cause a high level of inertia in taking the steps that are necessary to increase your ability to effectively navigate the decisions you must make prior to filing for divorce or responding to the receipt of divorce papers. Exploring the question “Is Divorce Right For Me?” via pre-divorce coaching can provide you with the tools and support to gain confidence and to empower yourself while you are deciding if divorce is a solution that best meets your needs and goals.

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