If you are contemplating divorce or struggling with your high-conflict divorce proceedings, Tamara will be your divorce partner as you navigate through each stage. Tamara works directly with you to give you the best tools and strategies to manage the specific challenges and uncertainties of your divorce. In a safe and non-judgemental environment, she will help you see clearly during this time where emotions can often impede and derail your divorce.

People often rely on friends or family for support during their divorce, but far too often what is needed is a professional with a clear-eyed view of the situation at hand. As your divorce partner, Tamara is an impartial, experienced professional who can guide you each step of the way with clarity and purpose.

While each member of your high-conflict divorce team – lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, and other experts – will be advising you, Tamara will help you to synthesize this information, think strategically about the options you have, and get your divorce across the finish line.

Is Divorce Right For Me?

Vetting Divorce Teams

Preparing Divorce Files

Navigating Litigation & Mediation

Executing Post Divorce Transactions

Co-Parenting Post Divorce

Our Clients Say it Best

  • Tamara speaks with passion, great knowledge, and the deep wisdom that comes with personal experience. She provides clear and insightful guidance on what the divorce process involves, how it feels (so you won’t be blind-sided), and how to get through it. She inspires those listening to believe in themselves and the promising future that awaits them.– Ken Dolan-Del Vecchio, LMFT, LCSW, DVS, CEAP, SPHR

  • Although I had contemplated getting a divorce there were no role models for me until I saw Tamara explain her services on the TheRoot.com I immediately reached out to her and she responded in less than 12 hours. I now feel empowered and she gave me the confidence to believe that I WILL get to the other side of happy.Contemplating divorce – RUN don’t walk to see Tamara Harris Robinson.– Smiling in the South

  • Working with Tamara enabled me to feel more confident through my divorce journey, advocate for my children’s emotional needs, and find inner peace in the aftermath of a divorce that would have compromised the health and crippled the confidence of most women.– Moving on in Maryland

  • I appreciate everything Tamara has done for me. As a result, I was more prepared, minimized my legal fees, and changed my perspective to become excited about the new possibilities in my life. I highly recommend Tamara to anyone going through a divorce or a personal life crisis.– Growing in the Garden State